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Are you ready for your phone to start ringing with interested, qualified, local prospects 
who are already looking for insurance and ready to buy?

The days of simply hanging out a shingle and writing business are over. And direct mail, billboards, Facebook ads and everything else just keep getting more expensive and less effective.

You have to go where the prospects are… The good news is you can do that without leaving your office. 
And I'm NOT Talking About Crappy Internet Leads That Have Been Resold to Tons of Agents and You Can Never Get on the Phone.

98% of the time, buying leads is a waste of time and money. They only people guaranteed to win with purchased leads are the companies selling them to you.

Here's a much better alternative...

TODAY there are literally dozens of people already searching for insurance online and ready to buy. For the entire month that equates to thousands and thousands of people ready to buy. They absolutely will buy from someone, it's just a question of it will be you or some other agent down the road.

If you're not getting in front of them then other agents might as well be walking into your office, taking your prospects and marching them down the street to their office. 
The Key is Getting in Front of These Prospects When They Are Looking for Insurance and Ready to Buy... Not Whenever You Feel Like Selling Them

Do you think you’d write more business if you were in front of thousands of people every month already looking for insurance in your city?

Of course you would, these are the best prospects you can get.

Well that’s exactly what you’re doing when you’re on the front page of Google and Ranking Powerfully 
on the Google Map for the very best keyword search terms. And you can guarantee you’re there
with the Competition Crusher program – with none of the hassle, headaches or having to be a tech genius
Over the Last 8 Years We've Helped More than 1600 Agents Grow Their Books of Business, Skyrocket Their Agency Growth & Earn More Commissions & Bonuses

 If you're ready to grow and start having your phone ring with prospects ready to buy, Register Now, but Here's the Thing... 
We Only Accept One Agent Per City. We Do Not Make Our Clients Compete Against One Another

As soon as we have your order, other agents will be turned away. But if another agent registers first then you'll be locked out forever.
Skyrocket Your Agency Growth
Get the phone ringing with hot prospects ready to buy.
Grow Your Commissions & Bonuses
More new business means making Corporate happy. Making corporate happy means more money in your pocket.
Guaranteed Ranking & Results for
Your Very Best Search Terms
Because we've produced great success with more than 1600 agents over the last 8 years we know exactly what search terms and keywords will perform best for you.
Detailed Monthly Results Reporting
You don't have to guess what's working. With detailed reporting and tracking sent to you automatically each month you can see exactly what the Competition Crusher is producing for you.
Finally a Marketing Strategy with Proven ROI
Stop dumping money into things that might work and finally get a bankable Return-on-Investment. Everything else is getting more expensive and less effective. The Competition Crusher gets more effective over time because your authority and expert positioning increases as a results of ranking highly in Google.
Prospects Love Finding You
(Instead of You Finding Them)
The old sales proverb is "People love to buy but hate to be sold". Stop pushing a rock up hill and start letting people find you and buy when they're ready. That's what the Competition Crusher does for you.
Getting You in Front of Prospects 24/7
The Competition Crusher is working for you 24 hours a per, 7 days a week. Imagine walking into your office Monday morning and having a stack of hot leads to call back from over the weekend? That can happen with 24/7 exposure and getting in front of people ready to buy.
See The Facts...
 81% of people search online before buying. Get in front of them. (Ad Week)
 95% of online searchers don't go past the front page of Google - if you're not there you lose. Period. - on a website they visited in the last 30 days (Advanced Web Rankings)
 Excellent ROI compared to other online and offline growth methods (Forbes)
More than 1600 agents have had success with the Competition Crusher program (CAP)
Ready To Get Started?
Over 1600+ Happy Clients!
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Client Requested
$13+ Million Agent
Cathy L.
P&C Agent
"I have been using Competition Crusher for over a year now. There is no question that this program works! This is the best way to get your business noticed. Don't pass up the opportunity to work with such wonderful people. You won't regret it!"
"I don't have time to be an insurance agent and a computer whiz... The Competition Crusher Program keeps me listed where people are looking for insurance online, and I write business from it. This works way better than the internet leads I have spent a fortune on."
Brian H.
P&C Agent
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Select your package above and click the appropriate Register Now button. You'll then receive an email confirm and be immediately redirected to our Getting Started video that details exactly what happens next. Additionally you'll receive a welcome call from our offie within 1 business day. 
Is My City Still Available?
Your registration will not successfully process if your city is no longer available. In a number of large cities we have waiting lists in case our current client cancels, but once you register you're in and other agents in your city will be turned away.
How Does It Work?
There are literally more than 48 steps in our proprietary process that have been tested, tweaked, improved and proven over the last 8 years. After registration you'll be directed to a welcome video that explains in more detail. 
Is It Really Only $197 per Month?
Yes. We're temporarily waiving our setup fee and offering this promo as a marketing test to see if a website like this will accomplish our business objectives. Don't forget though, you can save over 15% more if you choose one of the prepay options above. 
Is It Really Only One Agent Per City?
It really is. If you're city is available now then I'd suggest securing it before another agent does and you're locked out. It's happened more times than you'd believe, and unfortunately at that point there isn't anything we can do to help.
What if I Have Multiple Offices?
Quite a few of our clients have multiple offices and we offer a multiple office discount of an additional 25% off your additional offices (the first/main office is still $197 per month unless you opt for the prepay discount options above). After you register your first office let our team know you'd like to register additional offices and we can send you a secure link to do so.
Is There a Contract?
Absolutely not. Our service is strictly month-to-month and there is no contract ever. That being said, we do ask for a 30 day courtesy notice if you plan to discontinue so that we can notify other agents in your city that service is available again so they can take your spot.
I Want To Talk To Someone First...
No worries! Send an email to we will answer any questions you may have via email or by phone.
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